I have been both, a graphic designer and an animator for over 15 years with experience in domestic and international markets. I am a proven team player who can motivate creatives to develop products in a timely manner while establishing good morale and a collabor-ative atmosphere.

I’ve earned my diverse skillset at a number of different design houses and have been fortunate enough to work with a number of large clients. This has allowed me to work with a wide variety of design aesthetics, clientele needs, and media types. The biggest accomplish-ment in my experience was being a part of Media Arts Lab where I had the access to one of the most valuable brands in United States and world - Apple.

I recently graduated from the American Film Institute with a Master's degree in Directing. While at AFI, I acquired valuable leadership abilities along with a keen eye for visual media and I am ready to bring the skills I acquired in my degree back into the field of adver-tising and design.

Because my skillsets cover digital, print, video, and mobile/tablet applications, I am able to cover the 360 degrees of a client’s advertising needs. I have shown throughout my professional career that I am able to produce interesting and eye-catching products that satisfy customers while generate publicity to the design house.

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